How to use this course.

Welcome to Flourish: From Concept To Customer!

I'm thrilled to have you here. Over the next six weeks we're going to cover a lot of ground, but I have worked hard to make sure that it is manageable for you by setting out information in clear, short videos with assignments designed to help you really think deeply about each stage of your journey from concept to customer.

After you watch this video, you can plunge right in with Week 1 - Your Idea. Underneath the first video you will find the handbook and workbook for the week, and then you will also see the week's individual modules for you to enjoy in your own time throughout the week. Don't rush it - give yourself time to think about each module!

Finally, I would like you to join the Facebook group that I have created for this course. This is the best place to ask me questions and to share your experience with the other students. I will be there every single day to help you and I look forward to meeting you!